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What to expect
1. the problem

You already regret browsing social media today.

But unfortunately it gets even worse than you think long-term.
Chapter 1
2. the movement

The future is not time spent. It's time well spent.

The Responsible Tech Movement is getting larger with every passing day.
Chapter 2
3. the app

Telos is the social network
for all your offline connections.

All the tools you need online to meet with close friends offline.
Chapter 3
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A Day
The problem

Junk food.
Junk connections.

The fast food industry tried to conceal the inconvenient truth it was selling junk food. History is repeating itself with the tech industry concealing the fact social media offers us nothing more than junk connections —  at a steep price of 1344 hours annually.





















8:39 hr


Daily teen and tween
(13-18) entertainment
screen use
Common Sense
• 2021

150 x


Daily phone unlocks,
equalling one every
6 minutes.
Daily 16

#1 th


Social media is now the single largest activity people dedicate their life to
Compared to all other
common activities
• 2021

2.6 k

of US students

Daily average phone taps, often preceded by pavlovian trigger
The Brussels Times • Only android users
• 2016


40 %

of US

US students report 'too depressed to function' in 2016. 61% of students said they had “felt overwhelming anxiety” in that period
American College Health Association survey
• 2017

-61 %

of US students

Decrease in having 10 or more close friends, from 33% to 13%
Survey Center of American Health
• 1990-2021

+56 %


Increase in teen
14-18 suicides rates
American Psychiatric Association (APA)
• 2007-2017

+151 %


Increase in girls
10-14 suicide rates
Center for Disease Control and Prevention
• 2010-2018

+78 %

of US students

Increase in 'serious psychological distress' episodes by 20-year-olds
Jean M. Twenge, Journal of Abnormal Psychology
• 2019

32 %

of uk girls

Of UK teenage girls say Instagram makes them 'feel worse about themselves'
Leaks from 
The Facebook Files
• 2021

47 %


Of Americans feel 'often or always alone' and reports having 'no meaningful relationhips'
American College Health Association Survey
• 2010-2018

+189 %


Increase girls 10-14 hospital admissions for self-harm
Center for Disease Control and Prevention
• 2009-2015
Discover how bad it gets
Breaking the narrative

You are going to miss out

if you are




social media.

Why is it that to not miss out one needs to be constantly interrupted? Why despite all this powerful technology, so much uncertainty remains that we feel the insatiable compulsion to check our phones on average every 6 minutes of our waking day? At Telos, we aim to enable people to opt out without missing out. Ensuring users everything urgent or important always gets through while batching the rest, thus lowering pickup counts.

To be released soon

We have several cool features you want in development today. However, as of right now, they remain a little bit secret to the general public. We will disclose them all here in the future, but right now they are accessible solely to our MIT Beta users. You can get early access by signing up today for the waiting list and becoming part of our TestFlight. For now, hover and get a mysterious sneak peek.
It feels great to use
It relaxes hosts
It reminds
It plans
Speed that blows your mind
It gets the word out
Its really beautiful
It's hella smart
This one is secret*
It gets rid of flakers automatically
It's wayyy more personal
Curbs social media
the road ahead

This ain't about efficiency.

This is about offering a way to opt out without missing out.

This is about technology that is on our team — no someone else's

This is about making the choices that are fulfilling as easy as the addictive instant-hit hyper-normal stimuli ones.

Don't worry, you don't have to delete all of social media.

But with Telos finally one can take the first steps towards opting out without missing out. Separating the 'social' from 'social media,' bringing it back to that social network we all signed up for originally.

Make Memories

Become part of the Telos community today


And in case you missed anything.

How is Telos twice as free?

Telos is an alternative twice as free as social media. It's free of charge and more importantly ads. We break the shekels of the perverse incentive model which now for over two decades has rewarded big tech to develop the most distracting and addicting intricate technology in human history through 'persuasive technology.'

At every turn, for decent people at these large companies, the instilled economic imperative made any form of connection online "de facto good,” despite the reality that increasing screen time reliably hurts the well-being of users they say they serve.

At Telos, it is our core belief that omnipresent self-reported regrettable time-on-device ought not to exist at all. Despite being morally superior, we believe this can also even be economically viable so as to enable better products and services to be developed by pioneering startups. Once we make the paradigm shift away from optimising for usage and clicks and instead optimising for individuals and their aspirations, this exciting future will take hold.

What can I expect from the beta?

We are working in an iterative process. Our first iteration will have a uniquely designed calendar with which you can drag and drop template event activities.

By signing-up you send out a strong signal of support for Telos which will help accelerate development faster.

Where are you based and who is your target audience?

Despite  being Dutch at heart, our focus lies primarily on our target audience within the United States. Telos aims to bring our novel experience to the US and subsequently go international.

What is the mission of Telos?

Unlike a social networks designed for constant self-comparison and distraction, Telos is building a social framework around self-development and authentic relationships.

Are you hiring at the moment?

Yes. Press the banner at he top.

We are looking for builders. Founding team members, employees, or internships.

Still have a question?

Get in touch with our team — we don't bite.

But you already knew that — of course.

We know you know.

Free of


Free of



This isn't for the productivity geeks. This is for you.

Telos is for those who are tired of social media defning who they are and what they do. Unlike a social networks designed for constant self-comparison and distraction, Telos is building a social framework around self-development and authentic relationships.

Be the maverick who joined first

Having the self-determination to pave your path forward.

Be offline with your true friends

Building relationships the only way we social creatures can.

Explore your bucket-list for real

Having tools that empower not distract and detract.

Make real indelible memories

Having the self-determination to pave your path forward.

Save up to hundreds of hours annually

Having the self-determination to pave your path forward.
the app

A social calendar for students. With our unique design, users can quickly drag & drop events template as well as friends into their day. Offering daily time-blocking for students to chart the day and share it with friends.

Deadline Tracker. Every time you check into Telos for the fun stuff you automatically get a heads-up for things you don't want to forget.
Invite friends with a drop. Pick a time, select a friend, create an event, and start a chat -- all with one drag & drop.

A chat that doesn't like to disturb. Every event has a built-in chat designed for true alignment rather than just endless communication. Knowing when messages are urgent, and when they aren't.

Chats that evolve with the plan. As plans are established,  the chat makes it easier than ever to extend the invitation to more friends.
Houseparty hosting. For hosts, doing things over group chats is a nightmare. We offer built-in hosting tools you can't live without.

A new great start to your day. Pick a moment and we'll send a prompt to catch up and outline the day.

Trade in the News Feed for a 'Me Feed.' Set aside a moment to reflect and outline where you want to be with our daily Ritual planner.
Stay in the flow. We push back on the "instant" in "instant-messenger' by nudging conversations to be as calm and quiet as possible.

An availability tool made for friends. Bring the flexibility of enterprise availability to that casual coffee — without looking like a control freak.

Layers of flexibility. Whenever you want a friend to pick a date, send out multiple proposals, or select a time out of the day.
No preaching required. You don't have to convince your friends that Telos is better — we'll do that for you! Just send out our chat-first external event links requiring no download and no sign-up.
The movement

Unlike social networks, Telos is a social framework. The tools you need online to live life well offline.

At Telos, we reject the advertisement industry's notion that people are worth only as much as the amount they click ads. Where they see users we see individuals with aspirations. As a business you are what you charge, and we solely charge for awesome premium self-development features you will love — and if you don’t, that is okay! Our primary social network will always remain free of charge as well as ads.You have probably stumbled upon ‘interventions' apps in the past claiming they can solve social media addiction by limiting your screen time. This is a text-book example putting bandages on an open wound when surgery is required. In contrast, Telos has a real vision for the future people can stand behind.
Our goal is not about spending less time on your phone. Rather, the goal is to spend more time on your life.
Telos is part of the Time Well Spend Movement which evolved into the field of Responsible Technology. It was spearheaded by the Center for Human Technology (CHT), which seeks to re-align technology with human values. This non-profit is led by Tristan Harris and other prominent technologists who are the very same people who developed the most commingle used tech they now seek to mitigate.

How it works

Every day Telos Clockwork™ releases all invites in sync.

All at once. Everywhere at once. For 30 minutes, all messages get through before everything gets back to being nice and quite.

One notification a day

Sent to everyone at once every morning to quickly sync.

Access all invites in one deck

Everything exciting but non-urgent get piled up in one deck.

Drag & drop your own plans

Simply drag & drop activities and close friends to setup and invite.