Tristan Harris
"In a humane future, the online world has to care about actually regenerating the connective tissues of the offline world.”

“Social media could be steering us. We are making life choices every day. It is basically allocating decisions where time blocks are going to land in your calendar, most of those time blocks are 5 seconds is scrolling with your phone, but Imagine social media becomes a GPS router for live choices that it is actually directing you to the kinds of things that create real meaning”

“Imagine a world that facilitates ways for people to go dancing events together where they meet other people, as opposed to you are going to sit there at home and twitter is profiting from the attention casino”

“It's actually kinda hard to host [events]. There are these certain people in the community who are kinda the event host-ers. The people who bring people together. Imagine right now that that was 100x easier, […] there are people who are working on ‘how do we make it easier to bring people together in the physical work’ and if we make that a lot easier than it is today so it happens more so that if you thought about what you wanted to do, Instead of ‘I can open this app or that app’ I felt in my own physical community more opportunity more populated menu of life choices where I can do dancing, connect with, people, drum-circle, sewing, book-club; just the things that bring people together. 

And you can even have all the public spaces have better instrumentations so that is easier to book for certain communities. I get this is part of a long trend or transition to get out of this but I do think we have to make the choices that are fulfilling easy to take.”