Yuval noah Harari
Facebooks crucial test will come when an engineer invents a new tool that causes people to spend less time buying stuff online and more time in meaningful offline activities with friends. 

Humans have bodies. Technology has been distancing us from our bodies. We are more interested in what happens in cyberspace than what is happening across the street. 

Zuckerberg says Facebook is committed to continuing to offer users the tools to give them the power to share their experiences with others. But what people might really need is the tools to connect to their own experiences. In the name of sharing their own experiences, people are encouraged to understand what happens to them in terms of how others see it. If something exciting happens, the x feelings of the average Facebook user is to pull out their phone, take a picture and wait for the likes. In the process, they barely noticed how they themselves feel. What they feel is increasingly determined by online reactions.