Psychology Exercises
Red & Green Activities

Red & Green Activities

Linley (2008) a strength is “a pre-existing capacity for a particular way of behaving, thinking or feeling that is authentic, energizing to the user, and enables optimal functioning, development and performance” (p. 9).

In plain English; we intrinsically love it when we employ our personal talents. Using our strengths mentally energizes us and we become happier, fulfilled, and more productive.

By analyzing and reflecting on all the activities we perform each day, we increase our awareness of weaknesses and strengths -- our personal 'Red' and 'Green' Activities.

Activities that do the following for you we call Green Activities:

• you truly enjoy doing

• make you feel energized

• make you forget time

• you look forward to

• you can do well even under conditions of stress or fatigue

Activities that do the following for your we call Red Activities:

• you do not like doing

• make you feel depleted

• seem to pass very slowly

• you don’t look forward to

• require a lot of effort and self-control to do well

Because memory can be highly deceiving, during the next 7 days, you will record the effect of your daily activities on your mental energy level.

-- required a lot of energy

- required some energy

0 did not require energy but did not give energy either

+ gave me positive energy

++ gave me a lot of positive energy


Prepare notations. Look at the record structure in the attachment below. Copy this over in your Notes app or copy this structure over on a piece of paper.

Journal. provide a brief description of the activity. In addition, indicate energy levels per activity by registering the extent to which the activity at hand enhanced energy or depleted energy. You can choose to do this throughout the day, during your break, or at the end of your day first thing when you get home. Remember to pick an appropriate cue. Repeat this for 7 days.

Green Activities. Use the second attachment below as the final structure with which you will judge your findings. Again, this can be done either digitally on analogue -- on a piece of paper. Select 5 Green Activities that make you most energized and list them.

Red Activities. Likewise, do the same thing regarding the Red Activities which leave you feeling most depleted.

Final Reflections. Use the last attachment to answer the following questions based on your records. What have you learned from this exercise? What new discovery(ies) have you made about yourself? How can you use your strengths more often? Which strengths are lacking (weaknesses)? How can you effectively deal with situations that deplete your energy?